Give your Heart

Spent some time thinking ’bout a life that I want

Reflecting in the past

Now I just look to what’s in front

Mistakes I’ve made

Should all be put to rest

And what I’ve learned

is now put to the test

Give your heart

For the ones you love

Value the moments together

As they are a gift from above

Share your life and is this I care

A life spent alone

Is one I cannot bare

Choose your people wisely

Respect, nurture, and lift them up

I give this testimony

Don’t allow the mind to corrupt

Celebrate the beauty

Take pleasure in your friends

The day of reckoning will be swift

A tide of finality in the end

In the wake of disruption

Our memories are aware

The passing of a friendship

A friendship no longer there

Keep close to your heart

The memories that will last

Cherish those around you

Mortality will go by fast

A wild heart captured

Calms the spirit and is tame

Love what’s underneath

And you can have the same

We all have frailties

And the strength to get past the wrong

Learn to forgive these entanglements

And for this you will be strong