A Provisional State of Mind




Weeping at the sight as a fallen ethos dissolves

I’ve made my pact that I pride

Can these echoes of chaos crush me?

Will it take away my resolve?

Reverberations are frequent, but will they resonate with audience and be heard?

In solidarity we bind

In solidarity – absurd!

A propriety we seek

Often the state for an idle mind

I wonder how I’ve made it this far?

I wonder how I owned this find?

I can’t help but hear it

I can’t help but see

From everywhere around us

From all of those surrounding me

As darkness is born at dusk, and light is born at dawn

Our servitude, our fate, our masters care not

Some want the control

And some just wanna torch the lot

Ignore it and wait

Or hate the fight that is fought

Will it continue to dwell within me?

Can’t seem to escape, or maybe I just forgot

Choose carefully

Or don’t make this call

The cynic cries out patiently

The devotee might fail to fall

We are what we are

Much by habit

Most of the time

Is this provisional?

A provisional state of mind?