Did you live up to the Forecast?

Writing down my thoughts

I Journal them in code

Keeping secrets to myself

watching this mind erode

In courage and sincerity

It doesn’t always turn out right

When approaching a truthful account

We sometimes cower in its sight

Yet we must come to terms

With the failures from our past

Whether we confront them head-on now

Or whether we allow them to fester and last

What we tend to follow

Is what we tend to believe

How we write it down

Relies on what we preconceive

Consider reading your journal

From twenty years ago

How do you fare?

Did you eat crow?

Memory and cognitive dissonance

Shows written word as evident

Have you ever really changed?

Is this why you are so petulant?

Finding out about yourself

From another self of the past

Isn’t really a bad thing

Did you live up to the forecast?


Silence Soothes

Julliet 2, 1987


Silence Soothes
cool afternoon
early morning or night
no motions quiet delight
little movement
silence soothes
silence imprisons
solitude of suffering quakes
either madness or nirvana
for ones soul, one’s sake
take choice make decision
you live now
It’s never too late
silence imprisons