If and when one learns

It pains me to say

I struggle with my family

All those years ago

All of that calamity

It haunts me today

To make peace I have tried

Reminders of the past come out when I interact

Reopen those wounds when I have cried

We must keep in measure

The way we communicate with one another

Deeds will pass from way back when

Yet they will continue to fester if we place blame on the other

We must find find a common narrative

Closure is needed to come to terms

Ones that we can agree upon

If and when one learns


Why don’t we find any common ground?

We look at each other

The differences are all we see

No reason to find common ground

In resistance you rarely agree

Our sources of information

Compromised beyond trust

Yet little do we realize

We are unwilling to adjust

We stop questioning our beliefs

We don’t put our reasoning to test

Much easier to criticize another point of view

Than to examine our own by request

If we distillate what we both value

Chances are we are likely to see

A vanishing objection of reason

And it is only in policy that which we disagree


Did you drink the Kool-Aid?

Did you drink the kool-aid?

The hive mind volunteer

Did you subjugate the identity of individuals?

Arguing for the rights of the many to appear?

Mob rule is not our intended Democracy

The rights of the individual should be clear

Contrary to revisionist beliefs

This constitution is something they fear

Did you drink the kool-aid?

Another specious argument is invoked

If you can’t deconstruct the facts

Than maybe you’ll just go along with the hoax

One must always question authority

Educate yourself to be free

Free from the dictates of folly

Often found in the laws they decree



However you Calculate

What is sloth?

What is feckless?

Not Wei Wu Wei

As only this idea is not reckless

Knowing a behavior is wrong

Yet you still ignore it and do

Does not cancel the idea

That you know is true

Maybe it is the fear

That prevents you from proper action

Maybe it is habit

That spurs on this protraction

However you calculate

However you sum

You’ll probably not change

Until you’ve begun


Just Say When

It’s time to come out

From underneath this place

From where you hide

Your secret space

You must take action

You will know when

You will not isolate

You’ll awaken again

If you except defeat

The turmoil will just begin

Don’t surrender to loss

Don’t surrender to the whim

Embrace the indignation

You’re on your way again

Forgive the transgression and act on change

Just say when


It’s not quite clear

Sometimes we must tolerate

The ill-mannered, the ignorant, and the fool

Fortuitously or by practice

Beware the many that do not know the golden rule

The thing about tolerance

When it deals with our pain

We will tend to suffer

Whilst we still often complain

Is it a maladaptive behavior?

Or are we just austere?

With the folly of our being

It’s not quite clear