Samedi, Mars 22, 1986


Its when I feel like crying

And the pain seems so intense

That in the moment of unpleasant sorrow

I get a vivid glimpse

As I begin to focus upon

The different troubling themes

I notice subtle changes in my thoughts

My heart un-expectantly unforeseen

I honestly praise the being who created me

Thank you for all thou has gives to thee

Inspiration has saturated this thing I call my soul

Constructive and prosperous ways now take their stand their toll

It’s only now that I understand

They’ve always been in hand

Left to mull over my newborn dreams

I find a stint of untouched responsibility

And that of which I found to be a kindly bit too lean

Nay be I cast into fret nor fear

I find ever valued strength to pursue this challenging path I steer

I step into consciousness

Devouring pride with graceful speed

Absorbing memories

I look to the present

Embellished in time

It’s a pleasure to seek wisdom

In which the pleasure is mine


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