WikiPsalm Sixty Two

I choose to see beauty in the sky

I see the beauty in your eyes

Refresh my soul as those of like mind reply

We reveal ourselves in a virtual do or die

I wish no longer to cling to pain

Just another habit we take in vain

Realize this to keep me sane

We should only allow this futile suffering to wane

WikiPsalm Sixty Two


But it still eludes us

It was so astonishing

As I woke up from my dream

A mortifying nightmare

Almost had to gasp in a silent scream

I did not know why this dream was frightening

Not much of it made any sense

And then it occurred to me

What we don’t understand

We cannot easily dispense

The mind can be a trickster

Allowing fear to project its reign

An overbearing master

A psychological eminent domain

Clear your mind of any duress

Reason and faith can help dispel in grace

Too often we put this to the test

But it still eludes us and is not common place