Damaged Goods

I’ve had my share

Of troubled times

I’ve been a seeker

For what’s hard to find

Been vetted

Been shamed

The gift of ignorance

Yet again

Sometimes you get

Sometimes you get got

The cycle ends

When you stop learning….Not

If you find yourself in a hole

The first thing you do is stop digging

And remember that silence

Is the best answer

I’ve learned some things

I’m not proud to say

Take a look at yourself

Then you begin to pray

Good judgement comes from experience

And a lotta that comes from bad judgements

I’m sad I’m down

Where’s my bliss

Where’s my clown

When the loneliness sets in

The damage done may win

And the trouble may begin

That won’t justify the sin

Seize the day in ruin

Will only leave you

Like a haze in June

Live simply

Love generously

Care deeply

Speak kindly

Leave the rest to God

The best sermons are lived not preached