a piece of dysphoria


The world is big that I find myself in

And I am searching all of my thoughts

Those friends who have been so kind to me

And those who have made me distraught

I’ve found it better to extend oneself

Rather than make one feel unease

This ruse I learn is not much help

Reciprocity does not always appease

The weary minded and the jaded lot

Always seem to divide and use

I speak not of others, but of myself

who forgets about one’s own wretched misuse

And so my mind hungers not feeling any solace

What in this world will I do?

I’ve no claim to make, I’ve no grievance to serve

Wish only to end the anxiety I make, that only a heart finds true

What reason?  What madness?  What query do I leave for myself today?

Another token of my remembrances

Which haunts me and leads me astray

In these times I continue to look

For solutions that will answer my plea

I rest not on my foreboding whims

I seek only to let myself free