The curious mind turns inward

This can get complicated

In case study after case study I find

The intellectual and the emotional

In the aggregate are not well defined

That is to say

Cognitive ability

Does not ensure

Emotional stability

Though the two are entangled

Beyond most peoples awareness

Easier to see in others

Because this does not usually scare us

Are we so keen?

As to diagnose another?

Or is this just a pretense?

To place yourself above your brother?

The curious mind turns inward

Attempt to use introspection as a tool

But only the best of us

Will not become the fool

Self discovery is vital

For every human being

But it usually takes others

To guide through the unforeseen


We are bound in the want to bare

I use my words in poem

To express what I feel and think

I use language and convention

As I place them down in ink

I share these thoughts to the world

As some may find meaning in my reflections

You can validate or you can falsify

I’m in this to make connections

Poetic digital philosophy

Seems to be my ware

Like open conversation in a coffee shop

Or discussion in the public town square

Humans have not changed much

Our need to belong and our need to share

The decades, the centuries, the millenniums

We are bound in the want to bare




The razors edge

To better myself

I’ve made this pledge

The search to improve myself

On the lessons of my life lived

Can benefit me

On the perspective that it gives

Yet I’m chasing a ghost

When I dwell on the past

I no longer serve myself

As the cost is vast

You heal from wounds

Not by attaching to the grief

Reliving a memory over and over again

There is no relief

One must move forward

I must create a new me

Build upon a new foundation

On how I intend to be


A Fish out of Water

A fish out of water

I only want to belong

Ever since the childhood playground

I’ve sung this song

Introduced into the schools

You eventually swim along

Slowly learning to mingle within

From what you get wrong

With every age

We can learn and grow

Still a need to belong

Into what we forego

But there may come a time

When our values will exceed

These fundamental drives

This fundamental need

When looking back in reflection

Upon the skills I have acquired

I appreciate self reliance more

Than that need to belong that was once desired



Chasing a Ghost

Chasing a ghost

Illusive to trap

Illusive to find

Too much clutter

In a shackled mind

The word soup of a poet

The word games the philosophers create

The scribes of the prophet

All trying to relate

Strip away all the distraction

All the misdirection to the root

Finding the truth about anything

Is a task with no absolute

A brilliant creature

Of all pedigree

Finds no liberation

From the puzzles of the psyche

Apparition of thought

In the light of the day

Paradox in motion

Watch the humans play


Neglecting humanity’s calling

Too few have distilled the graces

The factor that prevents most of our falling

Chasing a ghost

The cause for a false positive

Another notch etched in the wood

Guess it’s just another prerogative


a piece of dysphoria


The world is big that I find myself in

And I am searching all of my thoughts

Those friends who have been so kind to me

And those who have made me distraught

I’ve found it better to extend oneself

Rather than make one feel unease

This ruse I learn is not much help

Reciprocity does not always appease

The weary minded and the jaded lot

Always seem to divide and use

I speak not of others, but of myself

who forgets about one’s own wretched misuse

And so my mind hungers not feeling any solace

What in this world will I do?

I’ve no claim to make, I’ve no grievance to serve

Wish only to end the anxiety I make, that only a heart finds true

What reason?  What madness?  What query do I leave for myself today?

Another token of my remembrances

Which haunts me and leads me astray

In these times I continue to look

For solutions that will answer my plea

I rest not on my foreboding whims

I seek only to let myself free


Outside in the Rain

The poring rain, a storm of summer rain befalling me as I gaze up into the sky.  A rain storm that drenched my body with warm summer drops, and in the excitement of this happening I stay outside in the rain.  I remember a time when I was just a boy, when a sudden storm immediately drenched my body as I remain outside splashing in the streets.  One of my favorite band songs to play also had this theme…

I’m outside in the rain

my mama tells me to come inside

I tell her no I’ve just got to lead my own life  Ah Yeah

And now I’m out on my own

I’ve never been so far from home

Its kind of strange but the answers to life are out there

I know

I’m outside in the rain

And I feel the same

I’m getting older now

I’ll find it somehow

the times are getting tough

People I meet they just come and go

I tell my friends that I’ve got to live on my own now

Ah Yeah

The years and years go by

I keep on searching but I don’t know why

If there’s an answer I hope I find it before I die


I’m outside in the rain

And I feel the same

I’m getting older now

I’ll find it somehow


I’m outside in the rain

And I feel the same

I’m getting older now

I’ll find it somehow

I’m outside in the rain

my mama tells me to come inside

I tell her no I’ve just got to lead my Oh -own life


I’m outside in the rain

And I feel the same

I’m getting older now

I’ll find it somehow

Outside in the Rain:
Words and Music: Rob Cleland & Todd Armer