Woke up This Morning – A Dystopian Nightmare


this was recorded in studio circa 1999 and was entirely an ad-lib session.

woke up this morning

dreams in my head

moment of silence

welcome my friend dread

my passions escape me

this weight that I bear

so damn used up

compromise all my cares

nobody gets near me

cause I push them away

spend all my time

acting like I’m okay

I know this seems wrong

but I’m blind in this haze

worries and troubles

push you down all the way

don’t want no trouble

don’t want to make me cry

don’t want self-pity

don’t want to tell myself lies

ask myself questions

look myself in the eyes

do I come up empty-handed?

sell myself alibis?

like the sun that shines on me

I’ll rise up one day

look back on these moments and forget all this pain

but for now I’ll just grieve

loss of my better sense

pack up my innocence and send it away

why can’t you save me

save me from myself

this monster I created by myself

this poor helpless soul

this motherless soul