My Heart found in You What it Sought

For an instance

I feel the resistance

But when we kissed

This passion was so insistent

In those moments

I held you in my arms

You showed me what you feel

With all of your charms

For the first time in my life

I know what it means

I find someone special

Actualized in my real life dreams

As time goes on the why’s dissipate

I treasure the embrace

Even our hesitations

Impart grace during this chase

Bésame Mucho

The first kiss can tell a lot

But when we faced each other

My heart found in you what it sought

The mind sometimes does not follow

What the heart craves

But sometimes through love

A healing we bring is what saves

I live in the now

I’m no longer in the past

I want you in my life

This is what I ask


Out of this Life you make Mine Art

I am truly humbled thinking of my blessings

I have immense gratitude for a simple life that I lead

The fog that covers us as we age sometimes blinds us

Our happiness we often elude and this we impede

I wish to thank all of those who have helped me

When I was mistaken and when I was down

Thinking I was forsaken left with only a frown

There are those special people

You know who you are

A kindred spirit you uplifted me

Forever grateful I have come far

I put these words together to thank you

I feel it strongly with the passion in my heart

You are a blessing I cannot deny

Out of this life you make mine art