Don’t kick me when I’m down

Think you’re giving tough love

Are you dismissive?

Do you pre-judge?

Don’t kick me when I’m down

You act like you know all the answers

And treat me like a clown

You become angry and intolerant

Don’t kick me when I’m down

You think that I am stupid

Not really knowing my pain and suffering

I feel belittled and helpless

As I am not fully functioning

You presume I have normal circumstance

Despite the signs clearly before you

If only you pay attention

Then maybe you would change your view

Don’t attack my ability

Put me on the defense

Don’t trivialize my problem

It only makes it more intense

Even accounting the conversation

Leaves me with a frown

As the memory of this relationship

Kicks me when I’m down

When you feel insignificant

Drowning in troubles all around

Don’t feed the wrong energy

Don’t kick me when I’m down

Don’t preach to me with disapproval

Don’t you dare make a sound

I can’t take any more grief

Don’t kick me on the ground