Which will be the albatross?

Life is too precious

For us to throw away

Yet many of us suffer

When we contemplate suicide by the end of the day

Even the moon

Will shine at night

In the dark shadow of emotion and reason

As darkness is the absence of light

How do we procure

A well balanced soul?

How do we parent?

How do we console?

We must cultivate character

Establish a code of morality

Learn how to forgive ourselves and others

To keep our sanity

The weight of the world is upon you

Tension and pressure will build inside

Are you motivated to take positive action?

Are you relegated to ignore and hide?

Life provides us with challenges

Sloth and apathy a tradition of loss

Which will change a circumstance?

Which will be the albatross?


How do you associate?

How do you associate?

History of people who use you?

Trouble with people who do not care?

People that put themselves first?

Emotionally impoverished not willing to share?

Sometimes we don’t put thought to this

Sometimes we are unaware

Patterns of learned helplessness

A family relationship nightmare

What is the purpose of our attraction?

What is the intent of our allure?

The difference from a day and a lifetime

With a document we use to insure

How do we connect with people?

How do we bond?

What level of intimacy?

How do we respond?

Attachment can be unhealthy

We are imprinted from an early age

If we learn maladaptive behaviors

They keep us captive in a self-imposed emotional cage

There is no use to blaming others

For a miscalculation in our attraction

Better to examine

A post-relationship reaction


When expectation and reality collide

When expectation

And reality collide

What do you get?

What do you hide?

Contingent on your belief

Contingent on your assessment

Are you at risk?

Do you have an emotional investment?

Now what do you do?

Egg on your face?

Make an excuse?

Another time, another place?

Does it really surprise you?

How good can you get?

We are just human

Or did you forget?

The arrogance of ego

Will make its play

A priori ?

What do you say?


Water on tap

Water on tap

Both hot and cold

Turn only the left

It may just scold

In this way

The water flows like the mind

Some thoughts are brutal

Some thoughts are kind

We decide our diet

We decide what we consume

We decide what we bury

We decide what we exhume

A tortured mind

Or a Zen / Taoist Master

Practice peace

Or practice disaster

Most don’t need a therapist

Most don’t need a priest

Maybe just by observation

They can achieve peace

Through meditation or deep contemplation

Maybe a WikiPsalm?

A desire to connect to a source

The hope to liberate us from the qualm