Must you always tow the party line

Can you form your own opinion?

Or must you always tow the party line?

Can you think for yourself independently?

An original thought you call “mine”?

Do you frequently use Facebook for persuasion?

Expecting the echo chamber effect?

A pseudo conversation you have

To gain your self respect?

The ease of social media

Does not always make it right

For you to make a rant

And merely incite a fight

Be advised not to pontificate

Some people just don’t want to hear

Whatever political musings

You pedal and hold as dear

I believe in spirited conversation

Sharing ideas is a must

I don’t believe in censorship

I recognize the philosophy of Elon Musk

There are many issues we can criticize

Some things are left better unsaid

But if you feel a need that compels you

Your moral compass just might be dead

Consider your motivation

When you employ a moral high ground

How do you comport?

Are you morally sound?

If you are unaware of the rules in speech communication

Than maybe apply common sense

If you fail in this endeavor

You will likely remain in perítence


Honesty will always triumph

Don’t leave people guessing

Don’t leave your mental notes unread

Sometimes silence is harsher

Than the words that are said

The problem is often within us

In poor communication we try to make sense

To save face from embarrassment

We use ignorance in our defense

This is common in social interaction

If we do not know what we want we miscomunicate

How we interpret and receive the message

Determines how we will navigate

One of the greatest skills we can master

In social etiquette is our speech

Lest we should never succumb to deceive

And this scripture I duly beseech

Honesty will always triumph

No matter how hurtful it may be

Trust and respect must be earned

But they never will when we deceive


The quintessential attribute of our humanity

Show me an atheist who believes in evolution

I’ll show you a theist who believes in intelligent design

Which theory is short in reason?

Which theory do you align?

If you care to embark on a thought experiment

It will surely test your deduction and skill

Do you become influenced by others?

Or do you rely upon your own will?

Some problems are not mathematical

You cannot simply provide proof to solve

Some problems you can falsify

These are ones you can resolve

Some problems are beyond our capability

Some say this is in the field of philosophy

Where there is an endless amount of debate

The quintessential attribute of our humanity


Why in our last days that we lament

We accept the love

We think we deserve

When we allow the abuse

From those we observe

The quality of our relationships

Contingent upon what we instill

What values do we practice?

What values do we fulfill?

Problems between generations

Do not just go away

Many are passed off to the next

So few are resolved when in play

The people who do not notice

Suffer long down the road as it may

When disheartened by their activities

As the memories of a wasted life slips away

When time becomes the currency

On what and where is the value spent?

Frivolity of an ego?

Why in our last days that we lament


When you’re just above the threshold

When you’re just above the threshold

Of wanting to end your life

What straw will break the camels back?

A head on collision in a eighteen wheeler jack-knife?

When you’re just above the threshold

From planning a suicide

And the lethality scale is high

Do you want to say let it ride?

The solution is in our perspective

We must change the way we perceive

When a time of doubt comes upon us

It’s imperative in what we believe

Some might blame depression

Or maybe our ability to cope

But when we change our perspective

This just might give us hope

It may seem that the world revolves around us

Keep in mind we’re all in this together

We need to help one another

Because we won’t be here forever


When age becomes the partition?

In all we experience

Both in body and in mind

Even the spiritual awakenings

Have anomalies of reason in kind

Be there a good family

A divine providence or a benevolent nature that is free

No one can foretell a future

That has not yet come to be

Who in this world has not had their faith tested?

Out of all the strengths and frailties of the human condition?

When is wisdom realized?

When age becomes the partition?

A generation does not learn in aggregate

Compare us today with those who fought World War Two

What lessons did we learn?

What lessons are we due?

Civilizational collapse

Is downstream of Cultural and Moral decay

Ultimately it was the individual

That was crucified and put on display