When the pride in your belief

When the pride in your belief

Is stronger than the truth

Come Hell or high-water

The survey might say you’re long in the tooth

We may often conflate the issue

When it comes to hand

Indefensible arguments made simple

So one can understand

Do not be fooled by deflection

The premise will always remain

Don’t tread down a path of false narratives

Not unlike Crossfire Hurricane

History will not be suppressed

The information always comes out

Those once protected

Will whimper silently or they will fight and shout

The plan to save the world

The deep state now under attack

The people can now see the criminals

And yes the Patriots will double-back!






Some may not understand me

I write fully awake

The sleeping giant is again upon us

The culture war is now at stake




Or are we just brutes?

Rise in the East

Set in the West

The human perspective

In continual unrest

As sure as the the Sun is observed in the sky

The people will debate

And always ask why?

Let me count the ways

Religion and tribal paganism

Had us all in a hold

The newest authority scientism

We do as we are told

Copernicus, Ptolemy and Galileo

Like Da Vinci wrote in a code

Steven Meyer meets Darwin

Which paradigm will implode?

So if we left the Garden

Harnessed knowledge from the fruit

Are we not gods?

Or are we just brutes?


Just where do I begin

We lay awake at night

As our insomnia kicks in

Our overthinking in silence

Just where do I begin?

The darkest hour

Before the dawn

Before the twilight

When all illumination is gone

Sometimes our expectations

Will not come to pass

Before our actions in a new day

Show us that we are crass

Don’t live in the future

It has not yet come to be

Stay in the now

All else is futility


Just who do we kid?

What does the mind do

When we take a mental selfie

Not far from a picture we change

Sending out our improved image with technology

So like the image

So like the thought

The mind will make adjustments

More often than not

The idealized ego over time

Will now become the standard

Just who do we kid?

When we become the pandered?


How we act and how we think

With every new beginning

There comes with it an end

The resolution of a new day

A new day to make a new friend

With every hello

There is a goodbye

Another shoulder to place your head on

In a time to have a good cry

Acting on the law of attraction

Defines a life of affinity

How we act and how we think

Provides the mortar of possibility