Buddhist Monk Sits

Buddhist monk sits

In front of the Buddha effigy he meditates

Along comes a morally impoverished soul

Who spits on the effigy and does not hesitate

He looks at the monk

Awaiting for a reply

“You spit I pray” says the monk

Without turning a blind eye

The moral of this story

Those who try to spit at heaven

The spittle does not defile the target

But comes back down upon his own vile facial expression


My Reflections as a Younger Man

We are young

Open to the world before us

What opportunities do we recognize?

What do we find superfluous?

We test the waters

Sometimes we take a risk

Sometimes our reality check

Burns us to a crisp

In light of these facts

I’ve enjoyed these times even more

My reflections as a younger man

Seeking this life to explore

Never forget

This passion to live

In the decades that will pass

There will be much for us to forgive

Keep the fire burning

At the sight of our dusk

Surely the sun will rise again

Let not the heart turn to husk

Leave behind what is not useful

Live today as if it was your last

Like the memories of myself as a younger man

I loved having no qualms of my past