A 21st Century Dystopian Psalm

The age of Information

A stealth of tyranny grows

A camouflage of deception

Rein of disinformation flows

The devils with forked tongues

Create a prison for the people

Ensnaring the weak-minded

Validating the lexicon defining sheeple

A Stockholm Syndrome takes hold

A nation of chaos now divided Fight

But the oppressors undetected

Remain still in open sight

A misdirection by sophists

Spotlight a national narrative

No basis in reality

The dystopian Psalm imperative

Shut down free speech

Keep the nation in control

The ministry of truth

The thought police will now surveil the soul

The mortality of common sense

In bondage and enslaved

Only the strong-minded

Will resist the tyranny and engage

Freedom of choice

On a razors edge

The bean counters obsess

On the zero hedge