I am as I

My story is common

As many will not admit

We share an experience

We are not likely to forget

In the shadow of ego

One falls into the abyss

Alone in the feeling

That we are often dismissed

I cannot tell you the pain

When you dwell on the self

The many missed opportunities

We often put on the shelf

I only ask that you hear me

Escape the narcacistic stride

Be fully present with each other

And I promise you I will not hide

An invisible man

I am as I

Left alone in this family

To say otherwise is a lie

We must listen to our children

So many voices still unheard

Mothers, brothers, fathers, sisters

Neglecting the cry for validation

Why must we be so absurd

Ask not from your siblings

What you do not preach

Words are meaningless

Only actions truly count

As we often disregard any speech