A Cloudy Mind



Let not the voices

Of a cloudy mind keep

Induce the changes

Blend heart with intelligence and allow wisdom to speak

Ask not the ego which points only to self

Win not by competition but flourish in reciprocity

A calm mind, a calm heart, a healing and health

Many in the west argue

Over collections adorned

To HEIR is human, to HEIR is divine

A meaningless path leading many to scorn

An east of spiritual awakenings

Zen Koans and the Tao

Seek to break our attachments and our suffering

In the end we are only in the now

A fortune made is lost

When our forsaken misguided children find

The economy of our sorrow

Leaves many to fall behind

I quest not to commiserate

With soul’s in despair

I have my road to travel

That I seek

Do I dare?



What’s my name

Where have you gone

I haven’t seen you for awhile

You left me stranded

With only a heart to frown or smile

Why have you left me

My thinking so unclear

Now only passions and feelings that remain are sincere

How can I live

When you’re not in my life

Can’t rely on the others

There is just too much strife

Who are you

That was central in my life

No use for applying logic

This departure of a faculty

Ignorance reigns silent like the night