The Spectator

There are many ambitions that capture a civilization and define its purpose in culture. But if we cannot control a monetary and market system that enchains the world left to the control of a few, then we will be left rootless and terminated in the destruction of life, as we know it.

I am an observer to the events that unfold before me. Some events are wonderful and leave the soul filled with joy, curiosity, and wonder; but at other times they are painful to digest in a troubled world that is filled with conflict, malaise, and discontent because we are somehow entangled into the disorder that touches many of our lives. The fallibility of human kind can be very distasteful when we observe even the most ordinary disputes among the modern human era because we expect that it should not happen to us or that we are unprepared for the unexpected situation that occurs.

I am bewildered at the extent of my dismay with a world caught up in such a misuse of human energy, as I do not wish to harbor any indignation toward a world capable of compassion, love, and forgiveness.
Do I participate and posit a portion to the many unfortunate events that unfold before me, or do I just take note of these happenings? This is something that I have been questioning for some time now due to the occurrences of discordant episodes over the years. On a personal level I am mystified by the ways that seem to attract bad conduct from other people to one who wishes no harm to anyone, yet it seems to be a pattern that does not leave me with any consolation. As for the global level, we are facing a time in human history that is accelerating the advancement of some very socio-political evils that are descending onto an overall unsuspecting world that has been enslaved by a presence of influencers that have corrupted the very institutions trying to protect the people from such insolent stealth and secrecy.

I think at times that the idea of my pondering such is the world may just be a contagion, or is it? Is it a detriment to untangle the world in a critical way that results in defeats of the spirit only to be mocked by those who do not see the same associations, or is it a benefit that strengthens and builds your character because you differentiate a different analysis of the state of affairs? I may have benefited from this proclivity by distinguishing meanings others do not take notice of, but there has also been a cost that penetrates the fabric of my well being. Rendering these observations, which holds my own happiness at bay, is the price that is paid for allowing them to resonate within my mind.

How many times must I be cannon fodder to the inequities of the world before I can take refuge in some philosophy that we allow me to escape the madness? Self-medication is not an answer that has any merit. The information continues to compile, societies continue to be docile as the apathy spreads like a virus.

All I can do is speak and write my mind so that maybe others too will come together for a discussion about how to change this costly precarious balance we find ourselves in. The power of the pen, the reason of the will may be a starting place for a transformation to take hold and root.