On Commiseration

There are many examples that show the multitude of emotional illustrations in a life lived that can impact us on profound levels.  There are happy times and sad times in most of our lives as well as everything in between that spectrum, but for many others there is an experience with this world that is detestable.  Tragedy and good fortune comprise episodes in many of our lives to different levels and in different degrees.  I cannot even fathom the pain experienced by those that have suffered a far greater fate in their lives than my own limited experience with this world.

I would like to tell a story that has no woes, sorrows or pain.  But to enjoy and appreciate the good things in life, it is important that one must know the meaning of sorrow, pain and woe.  If one truly understands what it is to be sorrowful; feeling pain and feeling what can be a miserable state of being will indeed codify the elements of what it means to be down and conversely amplify our experience of what it means to be up.

Taking into consideration those times that we have all experienced, taking into account the disappointments we have felt, and the confrontations that we find on many occasions can bring us to resist these challenges and fight even harder for the goals we wish to excel in, or they may put these dreams to rest altogether.  Depending on the individual circumstances, our coping skills will ultimately effectuate a role, that will be a determiner of our fate.  The power of our emotional connection to the goals we wish to pursue is a duel edged sword.  On the one hand a cut received may lead us to sharpen our resolve and perform beyond our own expectations to find a desired result in further attempts, or on the other hand the cut received may just be the last injury we face before we emotionally implode and extinguish the desire to move forward.

A network of good friends would be a huge recommendation for ones emotional arsenal in any prevailing troublesome time.  Not the kind of friends that are there when you are up, but those that are there for you when you are down as well.

Many stories are filled with triumphs, and defeats under the human condition that we are all part of.  For each story there resides a meaning felt more by those whose shared affinities connect them both together.  For all of the stories that are told to us, there also will follow commentary and advise on such matters.  That may be true for most of the western world, but in many instances there are forces that prey on the less fortunate in other parts of the world, and we cannot even come close to identify with.