Alignment of Megalithic Structures and the Pyramids: Global Grid


Ancient Pyramid Connection across the planet
There are thousands of pyramids across the planet.  Some of the most impressive in Mexico, Bosnia, Egypt, Peru, Indonesia, Italy, Sudan, India, Japan and China- to name a few. The pyramids are connected with the stars, encoded with precise astronomical and astrological data, that we are just now learning about the details by many researchers.  There is much controversy over the true ages of many of these megalithic structures and make us rethink just what we may know about our human history.  They are perfectly precise and in alignment with each other by means of the sacred geometry and with the Ley Lines of the Earth.  There are many more ancient sites across the planet which seem to form a pattern.  It has been determined that there is a 25,000 mile long circle which goes directly through much of the most significant sites across the globe.
Paracas, Peru
Nazca, Peru
Ollantaytambo – sourthern Peru
Macchu Pichu
Mali (Dogon territory)
Tassili N’Ajjer in Algeria Siwa, Egypt
Giza, Egypt
Persepolis, Iran
Mohenjo Daro, Pakistan
Sukothai, Thailand
Angkor Wat
Preah Vihear, Cambodia
Easter Island
Not only do these sites seems to be lined up with each other, but much more mathematical patterns in connection with these ancient sites seem to emerge when looking at it in this way.  For a much more detailed and quick description, check this video and skip to 35:30 for 2 minute clip:
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What we thought we knew about these ancient structures is continually being modified through the work from many scholars, writers, historians, scientists, and those who challenge the status quo.
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