Let this be Understood

I had to tune out the news today

I keep seeing the perpetual propaganda

Need to keep my eye on the ball

Need to accept the Miranda

Focus on the moment

Forget the Past

Forgive and be positive

Do not become the iconoclast

We allow ourselves to get caught

The trappings of the hive mind

Just a little information

Seeds our vision and makes us blind

Don’t want an embittered heart

Take out the poison that’s in my blood

Control the thinking that

Will create this toxic flash flood

My meditation

My triumph over the negatives

Sends me on a trajectory over

My go-to expletives

Send me on my way

Let me do something good

Let kindness flow

Let this be understood



Be still my heart

Your beat is keeping in time

The rhythm of the body

The direction of the mind

Waves of frequency

Spilling over my form

Relaxing me and soothing me

The drops in a rainstorm

Skin is smooth

Hair is glimmering

Quench my thirst

Eyes are shimmering

Fix my attention

Your presence Invigorates

When I’m with you

My heart accelerates

My mantra

My meditation

My muse

My fixation

Be still my mind

I hear the silent calling

Liberate me

Do you see that I’m falling?


A Zen like Moment

I’d like to reflect on an earlier memory of mine when I was just a kid.
A pleasant memory of a peaceful moment that happens to all of us from one time or another if we choose to enjoy it or even notice it. The memory brings me to an earlier time in my life, a time when I did not have to drive or even have concernment about such matters. When I was the passenger in the backseat of the family car, with no other responsibilities or duties to perform in the family presence. One night after a long day of events, my family endured a lengthy drive home from either a social function that took us to another part of town, or some other endeavor that encompassed everyone in the family to be present. Not much was said between our family, we were not a family that talked much, as everyone seemed to be in their own thoughts. The remembrance occurs to me about my overall sentiment as I started to drift into a quasi sleep state as my head leaned against the glass window and the engine motor acted as a white noise that allowed me to shift into a meditative realm.
I’m sure I was reflecting on whatever happened to enter my mind at the time, but one observation came to me as I noticed something very comforting. An observance that whilst you are aware of your surroundings, you can be far off in another realm altogether. Despite my closed eyes, my not too diminished comfort level being in a small Volkswagen bug, a tired body and relaxed mind tends to drift, yet my being in a quasi-awake state, quasi-present and aware of the events happening in my environment- I was also somewhere else; in two places at once.

I do not speak of ekcancar, or an out of body experience, but simply that I had a sense of fulfillment, that I felt a sense of being safe, that I was relaxed in mind and body and my spirit was relieved of any worry. I did not have to have my guard up, I did not have to protect myself, I did not have to be cautious, but only just be!
Imagine being worry free, being relaxed and having a stress-free moment. I seemed to be tuned into a meditative state enjoying only good thoughts. A dream like state that incorporates the present moment without it being a fictional dream.

Letting go of barriers, letting go of ideas, thoughts, and perceptions about the world that closes us off from this experience is harder to do as one grows older. With age one can acquire more scars, more experiences, and more encounters with those who may try to subject you to their ignorance which only builds a history of possible offenses that can convolute the mind. I do not know if I as a child experienced a Zen-like moment, but I do know it has happened at times in my life, but in rare instances. I do know that I was in the company of people who were close to me, and allowed me to project myself out from underneath my mortal flaws if only for a moment. If only for a moment we must cherish them as they are the ones that can lead us to a more sane world.

Letting go of the ego is what I believe happens during those quasi moments of bliss. Not having an encroaching personality conflict, and opening one up for a pure moment of silence and not letting the malfeasance of the mind break you of this opportunity. Having those around you often can help though it is not a requirement of the experience in my point of view.

more to come…..