Epiphany in the Awakening of a Soul


What triggers the soul to hunger?  Is it when our appetite becomes awakened by some defining experience we align ourselves with?  Do we control this mechanism or is it something innate and inborn within us?  Is it serendipity that connects us at the right place and the right time to events we become attracted to and enthused by?

Where do our deepest desires originate?  How do they germinate and then suddenly spark when some experience in our lives brings them to life?  Some creative passion born into possibility or some inspiring moment that changes us forever after that day forward has challenged many psychological, religious, and philosophical theorists for answers.  It is not that we choose these moments, but rather that these moments seem to choose us.  These moments influence something within our being and awakens us to a new possibility, a new experience that taps into something very deep within us.  We cannot explain it precisely even after many years of reflection, but it is something that transpires within us along the course of our lives.  It was not something we expected to engage us, and we certainly did not plan it.  Clearly one can see countless examples of this influential dynamic in our lives.  Weaving its imprint on those at the wake of discovery within the advancements of science can be demonstrated by Issac Newton’s quote …”If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”.  The case for how artistic expression stimulates and perpetuates newer forms can be demonstrated by Bob Dylan’s influence on a generation.  He was influenced by Woodie Guthrie, and Dylan in turn influenced everyone from The Beatles to Jimi Hendrix. The same principle applies to the many other pursuits within the conduct of human expression.

Why there is so much diversity in the world, why there are so many different perspectives gives us some sign that we all form different types of connections to these defining moments that we want to align ourselves with.  The emotional connection to these events that forever changes our lives can lead us to completely different outcomes.  On one hand they can transform our lives into something that we will build upon and cherish for years to come, (a relationship with someone, a passion for a creative pursuit, a pleasurable pastime we enjoy, or another bonding relationship we can experience such as devotion and religion).  On the other hand it can lead us into a very dark realm of existence such as an emotional, and physical connection to some addiction, cult, or false prophet.

Some of my strongest connections originate from these awakened passions and desires.  Something resonated deep inside of me and I wanted to be part of these newly discovered feelings or ideas.  Either inspired by something or someone, I used whatever was in my power to get from point A to point B even if I didn’t know really where to start or how to get there.  Even when it meant that I was unsure of just where point A and point B really were in the first place, I effectuated this connection with determination! It may be that the awakening that is experienced is very subtle or its occurrence may be very intense depending on the circumstances met.  It may slowly transform us over time, or it may suddenly come into focus defining itself through a series of experiences that we progressively clutch and embrace.  However this mechanism manifests or however this animating principle becomes active, it seems clear that our belief systems, and our emotional attachments are crucial in their actualization.  The emotional connectivity to the animating forces behind our enthusiasm may truly be the glue that binds us to these desires.

I can certainly say that this was not the case for many occasional interests because I simply failed to follow through on them and develop them.  We can stifle many interests if we limit ourselves, if our insecurities creep in, or if others do not give us needed support or encouragement at times when maybe if that consolation was given at the right time, it could have changed the course of events within us.  I think that children have tremendous amounts of opportunities since their minds are not biased, since they have not yet learned the defeating attitudes we as adults often struggle with, and with proper encouragement they could become extraordinary people with cultivated dynamic skills if directed o do so at the right age.

Understanding the relationship of this phenomenon allows me to use this learning to better clarify worthy pursuits.  What leads me to ask these questions, I can only surmise.  These questions direct me to explore my fascination with my wish to better appreciate the world as I experience it.  I am my own person but influenced by many. The pragmatist within me speaks to make the unknown rational. The mystic within me seeks to make the unknown tangible.  The philosopher within me solicits the perplexity of the unknown; hence making the esoteric….exoteric!



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