Lord have mercy

What lies deep in the hearts of men?

The forsaken? The disingenuous? The compromised? The cruel?

To be judged by God

Not by the fool

If fear is the reason

Those who do not take a stand

Consequence is dire

If you fail to disband

Laws are imposed

Not equally applied they target the few

Man’s laws are corruptible

Man’s hearts do not stay true

Recognize true authority

Not false prophets who wail and cry

Lord have mercy

For you I will testify


Before we turn to dust

An awakening of a people

Looking outward the body politic they see

Yet when looking inward

Only the “I” must agree

So readily we comply

In the courage of another

So reticent we become in our action

Forgiveness only given by a mother

The question of our time

Lies not in the social trust

This is our responsibility

Acting before we turn to dust