A hard road ahead you will find

If you follow your heart

You must also employ the mind

Unbridled passion, and unbridled reason alone

A hard road ahead you will find

Issues of our childhood education

Does not result from a book

Rather it is the unlearning

Of that which diminishes our outlook

Challenges within a family

Run deep within our persona

Not an impossible impediment

Just go ask Jonah

Our greatest treasure

Lies within our personal connections

How we treat others

Given our predominant affections


The man in search of a conspiracy

Paranoid schizophrenic?

Or a damaged sense of trust?

When he starts asking questions

He says that the truth is his lust

Sometimes his questions are valid

Sometimes they are in vain

The difference between a skeptic and a madman

One chooses to prove or falsify, and the other chooses to merely refrain

Be selective of your intellectual battles

Do not let your reason be improperly swayed

Use multiple sources in research

Before you start on your imprudent crusade

You must live with your findings

You must be able to support your claim

You are the one responsible

For what is the purpose of your aim?

It is unlikely you will change the world

But you are likely to change your view

Be careful of what you accept

Be mindful of what you think is true