In labor we toil

In labor we toil

When a work ethic takes control

No balance kept in family

Intimacy takes a toll

Follow your heart

Since the sacrifices we make

Claim conditions of disharmony

Give a run for atonement’s sake

Rich man fails

Poor man prays

Together in sorrow

In humility we pay

From dawn til dusk

The burden is shared

A family together

A family is spared

In career we lose focus

What really matters evaporates

An opportunity we dismiss

An opportunity we escape

We breakdown our connection

We break the ties that mend

All the Kings horses

All the Kings men

Cats’ in the cradle

And all that we impune

Disassociate the value

Forever in ruin


In The Shadow of Virtue

In the shadow of virtue

The ego of man

Subdued the masses

We make no stand

Mesmerized by pop culture

Ensnared by these traps

The info-wars divide us

All hail the frat

We scurry about

Not knowing our plight

Kept busy by politicians

Who evade the true fight

It’s not right or left

what they want us to think

It’s rather right or wrong

Decided behind the curtain

In a blink with a wink

A state of confusion

Divide and conquer they plan

Turning one against another

So dark the con of man

In the shadow of virtue

The ego of man

Subdues the masses

We make no stand

Tyranny undercover

Despotic rule of the land

Make no mistake my fellow citizen

The morally corrupt go along with the plan

Speak not of the illusions

That keep us apart

Hold on to the truth

The truth of the heart

In the realm of the spirit

All bind as one

As a species on earth

Unwoven threads are spun

In arrogance we battle

In ignorance we fall

We beckon the violence

We beckon the call