Pursuit of intimacy

A silent proclamation of spirit we make

But the unrequited connection

Can lead us to a quieting heart-ache

Intimacy – a compelling drive

A beckoning state

Only the misenthrope

Is likely to hate

The condition for a healthy relationship

Is contingent on our capacity to accept and give love

If you cannot achieve the connection

Then you should ask for help from above

Have you ever been starved for affection?

How does it make you feel?

Alone in your isolation?

Crying on the floor as you kneel?

HD Thoreau points to Quiet Desperation

Unfulfilled in the actions you take

Which path are you on?

Which path will you make?


Don’t kick me when I’m down

Think you’re giving tough love

Are you dismissive?

Do you pre-judge?

Don’t kick me when I’m down

You act like you know all the answers

And treat me like a clown

You become angry and intolerant

Don’t kick me when I’m down

You think that I am stupid

Not really knowing my pain and suffering

I feel belittled and helpless

As I am not fully functioning

You presume I have normal circumstance

Despite the signs clearly before you

If only you pay attention

Then maybe you would change your view

Don’t attack my ability

Put me on the defense

Don’t trivialize my problem

It only makes it more intense

Even accounting the conversation

Leaves me with a frown

As the memory of this relationship

Kicks me when I’m down

When you feel insignificant

Drowning in troubles all around

Don’t feed the wrong energy

Don’t kick me when I’m down

Don’t preach to me with disapproval

Don’t you dare make a sound

I can’t take any more grief

Don’t kick me on the ground


Which will be the albatross?

Life is too precious

For us to throw away

Yet many of us suffer

When we contemplate suicide by the end of the day

Even the moon

Will shine at night

In the dark shadow of emotion and reason

As darkness is the absence of light

How do we procure

A well balanced soul?

How do we parent?

How do we console?

We must cultivate character

Establish a code of morality

Learn how to forgive ourselves and others

To keep our sanity

The weight of the world is upon you

Tension and pressure will build inside

Are you motivated to take positive action?

Are you relegated to ignore and hide?

Life provides us with challenges

Sloth and apathy a tradition of loss

Which will change a circumstance?

Which will be the albatross?


Water on tap

Water on tap

Both hot and cold

Turn only the left

It may just scold

In this way

The water flows like the mind

Some thoughts are brutal

Some thoughts are kind

We decide our diet

We decide what we consume

We decide what we bury

We decide what we exhume

A tortured mind

Or a Zen / Taoist Master

Practice peace

Or practice disaster

Most don’t need a therapist

Most don’t need a priest

Maybe just by observation

They can achieve peace

Through meditation or deep contemplation

Maybe a WikiPsalm?

A desire to connect to a source

The hope to liberate us from the qualm


I say this all with sincerity

A narcissist with an inferiority complex

It is a horrific thing being in between

A non-empathetic father

With a low self-esteem

Any one who grew up in this family

I share your pain

I’ve spent the better part of five decades

Searching for answers to keep me sane

Don’t get me wrong

I’ve had a good life

But nobody should have to endure

Such an existential strife

Sometimes I’m haunted by my dreams

But I do not claim to be a victim

I’ve educated myself

And this is my dictum

Make good memories

To replace the ones that harm

Over time these new ones

Will be a healing charm

Maybe this is a poem

Maybe this is my therapy

Maybe this will help others

I say this all with sincerity


Father Time is undefeated

Stuck in the past?

Lived a life already gone yet?

Again to relive?

What had taken so long to forget?

Can’t help it

Caught in this mess

Turning away only helps for a bit

But sooner or later

Gotta make good on your wit

Unprocessed trauma

Runs silent runs deep

Not much to discover

When it’s held in its keep

Father Time is undefeated


The court of suffering

Be thankful for your blessings

It does not matter who you are

The further we distance ourselves from happiness

The less we notice just indeed how far

A captive trance

Will take over our perception

It deceptively steals our senses

A rational mind is now in defection

Too often our hearts and minds stray

Too often we focus on our hurt

Why not rejoice for the positive?

Why do we not avert?

It is not our natural behavior

Therefore I think it is learned

If we put this into practice

Than the court of suffering is now adjourned


If and when one learns

It pains me to say

I struggle with my family

All those years ago

All of that calamity

It haunts me today

To make peace I have tried

Reminders of the past come out when I interact

Reopen those wounds when I have cried

We must keep in measure

The way we communicate with one another

Deeds will pass from way back when

Yet they will continue to fester if we place blame on the other

We must find find a common narrative

Closure is needed to come to terms

Ones that we can agree upon

If and when one learns


It’s not quite clear

Sometimes we must tolerate

The ill-mannered, the ignorant, and the fool

Fortuitously or by practice

Beware the many that do not know the golden rule

The thing about tolerance

When it deals with our pain

We will tend to suffer

Whilst we still often complain

Is it a maladaptive behavior?

Or are we just austere?

With the folly of our being

It’s not quite clear


375 K Dead Worldwide

Italian doctors break protocol

Autopsy on Covid 19

Pandemic not a virus but a bacterium

The diagnosis of thrombosis was unforeseen

Sometimes a truth bomb

Is made out to be

Just another conspiracy

Just another anomaly

Don’t trust the W.H.O.

A front for the CCP

375K dead worldwide

As I write this poetic treatise