Life is too precious

I embrace the joy

When I see the things line up in place

Time spent together

Sharing the world as I look upon your face

Knowing there is no expectation

Knowing only these feelings that stand

Part of the uncertainty

Is built into the hand

I don’t rely on criticisms

They only detract from the moment

One can spend a lifetime

To that which is unspoken

That which is meaningful

Is better when it is said

Never leave the heart unopened

Never leave it only in your head

Life is too precious

Rejoice in what life can offer

Too many of us never act

We leave it in an unused coffer


Wallow in the Mire

Ask the right questions

Focus on the good

Knowing that you have been wronged

Won’t matter if this is understood

The best way forward

You must first find your stride

Following the affirmative

Let this be your guide

When you allow the cynical voices

To occupy your mind

You squelch any happiness

That you are willing if able to find

Wallow in the mire

Bespattered with wounded pith

If you remain there too long

A potential to overcome becomes myth


For Countless Generations

There are times when you feel pummeled and plundered

You see a thousand people cheat

You have to know when to fight back

And know when to take a seat

Much easier to see fault in others

Than to see fault within

So if you want a new start

This is where you must begin

The story of misfortune

An epidemic of moral decay

Inexhaustible accounts of the unforsaken

Albeit how do we portray?

It is certain you will be disappointed

Keep the spirit alive at all cost

Because when you are in deep despair

If you do not surrender hope- not all will be lost

When emotional resources are scarce

And there is no one to turn to when you are down

There is only one source that may help

Wherein the domain of faith can be found

Hundreds of millions of hearts and minds

For countless generations

Have given their testimony

And this is what they attribute for the explanation


Thoughts on Happiness

1) Making comparisons can spoil your happiness

2) A lot of people think happiness is being rich or important

3) Many people see happiness only in their future

4) Happiness could be the freedom to love more than one woman at the same time.

5) Sometimes happiness is not knowing the whole story.

6) Avoiding unhappiness is not the road to happiness.

7) Does the person you’re with bring you predominately A) Up or B) Down?

8) Happiness is answering your calling.

9) Happiness is being loved for who you are.

10) Sweet Potato Stew!

11) Fear is an impediment to happiness.

12) Happiness is feeling completely alive.

13) Happiness is knowing how to celebrate.

14) Listening is loving.

15) Nostalgia is not what it used to be.

Hector and the search for Happiness
source from Hector and the search for Happiness

Pursuit of Happiness

I have always struggled with knowing just what I wanted to do with my life. Even to this day I think to myself; what do I want to do when I grow up?

As children we are often asked “what do we want to do” when we become adults? We usually say what appeals to our thoughts, and our limited experience of what we know about that career. But how is it that some people know just what they are interested in, and what they want to become. I am amazed by the clarity of these individuals, as I was never able to have a luminous picture of my calling in life.
I think for the most part I have always known about “how” I was going to be, but “what” I was going to do is a completely different question. Dr. Wayne Dyer puts it…”Don’t equate your self-worth with how well you do things in life. You aren’t what you do. If you are what you do, then when you don’t…you aren’t”. Somewhere down the line we become a part of a society that places the value of working over the value of just what our work should be. If you are able to distinguish the significance in both of these reasons, then you know that they are relative to the state of the economy and the meanings are subject to change depending on the perspective.

I have much respect for hard working folks. I come from a working class family, and see much value in doing an honest day’s work. The America today, is quite different now than how the millions of former immigrants used to see our country. They came to a country where anyone who worked hard, and applied themselves, could start up a business and become successful. They could break out from the class they were once in, and live a life never before possible in other parts of the world. Today, I think many come to this country and argue that they still receive a better life even without having to work due to the entitlements we are giving out in our welfare state. Personally I think that working hard in a laborious job is requisite in becoming a well rounded individual.

Professionally speaking I think many of us choose a career that is not an ideal match to our personality, or that we did not want to give up the benefits and compensation that many careers offer. Unfortunately in many cases these jobs are not meeting all of our needs, let’s face it: they are boring, unexciting, and just plain making us unhappy.
Of course not all of us can simply choose a career we fancy. Unemployment figures speak volumes, and the types of work we each must seek to keep ourselves fed and clothed is testament to just what choices we do have despite whether or not that dream job ever materializes.
The sacrifices we make for the family, for our personal lifestyles, is an often overlooked subject matter but on a contrary disconcerting note; people also tend to immerse themselves into their work to a degree that recounts the adage; live to work, and not work to live. This is another topic altogether and I shall not give it any further thought other than to exclaim that these problems may just be the pastime articulations of prior generations. In a post global-economic world we now face a new set of employment quandaries. The idea that we have choices in our employment is under greater scrutiny in many parts of the world. We face forces at work that are destructive to the potential economies of many countries. The “powers that be” do not want to give up the status quo. I saw some frightening information that my studies have elucidated and I am fearful of their implications. It was not my intent to discuss the ills of our monetary system, and the corruption of our market systems worldwide; I started this discourse by suggesting that there is enough difficulty in making that personal decision on how one should economically support oneself in this life, and more precisely, how one should pursue a lifestyle that promotes one’s interests, and simultaneously be compensated for it.

Many things we take for granted in this life, but at times we may ask ourselves and wonder about how our prior dreams might have come to fruition. Maybe we are thinking back and wondering had we gone in a different direction, how would our lives been changed. Of course there are many people who are quite satisfied with the outcomes of their career choice and are quite happy. This is truly a blessing. Grievously in today’s world there is uncertainty. The choices of one’s occupation may continue to dwindle and become extinguished. The idea that our culture can provide satisfying employment for us is being questioned and is cause for many heated debates.
I have witnessed many conversations on how individuals have elected their decisions. Many have chosen the career based on income potentials alone. Many have just fallen into their careers by default, be it a school job turned full time endeavor, or for lack of any other alternative choice available, therefore their part-time job became their full-time career. However one may choose their calling, I must admit that in this age, no matter how one chooses, or what one chooses, it is good to be employed.