A Revelation to Consider

Angel by [ henning ]


I think that I may just have been the most stubborn man alive.

Soul-searching for answers I’ve reviewed pages and pages of journal entries, researched philosophical and psychological books, and when confiding and consulting others to help me heal from this condition I seem to perpetuate; I have reached a conclusion that is not an easy pill to digest.  I have now finally awakened to the fact that I have eluded this truthful pearl of wisdom for many of the years I have looked for it.  A paradoxical condition that confines me in an eternal unrest, and that has kept me in a bond of emotional servitude despite my attempts to escape from it.

It was always available to me intellectually, but it was rejected by my emotional inner child that has never fully developed for much of my life.  Maybe my time to develop this principle is now mature enough to fully grasp the concept of forgiveness?  This post goes out to all of those whom have suffered under the tolerance of a will that has not fully forgiven the transgressions of past emotional wounds.

When we allow for all of our being to become aware, (our minds, hearts, and spirit), a true awakening can occur.  A very special thank you to my beloved friend from Williamsburg.  I have opened my heart again and have clarity in the work I need to complete.  I know I have my work cut out for me, but it is precisely because of my heart that I can again thrive.  You have reminded me again of this and reignited this everlasting truth I have misplaced for some time, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Transcending your conditioning

Asking the ego to help diminish its own significance so that you might have access to your higher self is akin to attempting to stand on your own shoulders.  Ego is as unable to move aside in deference to spirit as your eye is able to see itself or the tip of your tongue able to touch the tip on your tongue!

Your task becomes a quagmire of paradoxes.  If you rely upon your ego to get past the influences of the ego, it will only strengthen its hold on you.  You must figure out how to emancipate consciousness from the limitations of your mind and your body.

In the ego state you generally experience yourself as a separate entity.  To move past this conditioning you want to begin to see yourself as humanity itself and not as a separate form in the body.  Very simply put, if you feel that you are disconnected from the rest of humanity and are truly a separate entity needing to prove yourself and compete with others, you will be unable to manifest your heart’s desire.

Manifesting is not about getting things that are not here.  It is about attracting what is already here and is a part of you on a spiritual level.  If you stay separate, that which you wish to manifest will forever be unavailable to you.  If you shift that awareness around and are able to see yourself as a part of what you want, you will have transcended the conditioning of your ego, and of all the other egos who have contributed to this process in you life.

The first spiritual principle directs you to overcome your conditioning.  It requires you to adopt a new attitude about yourself, and then to put this attitude into daily practice.  Having a philosophy is useless if it is simply an awareness of rituals and the teachings of experts.  To make your philosophy work for you it must become an energy pattern that you use in your daily life.  It must have both an eternal truth to it as well as a utilitarian quality that makes you feel it.

The spiritual oneness in all religions:

  • Christianity: The kingdom of heaven is within you
  • Islam: Those who know themselves know their God
  • Buddhism: Look within, you are the Buddha
  • Vedanta (part of Hinduism): Atman (individual consciousness) and Brahman (universal consciousness): are one
  • Yoga (part of Hinduism): God dwells within you as you
  • Confucianism: Heaven, earth and human are of one body
  • Upanishads (part of Hinduism): By understanding the self, all this universe is known

Energy in being: We can use this universal energy to bring to us objects of our desire, because the same energy that is in what we desire is also in us and vice versa.  Bringing things into the physical world is a process that we call creation.  What we create involves the use of the same power in all that is created.  It is only a matter of degree.  There is absolutely no difference in the power that brings anything from the world of waves into the world of particles, and the power that brings your thoughts or mental pictures into form.

Unbonding yourself from your past wounds

The inclination to bond to our wounds rather than move past them traps us in a constant state of feeling unworthy.  A person who has experienced traumatic events in life, such as abuse, the death of love ones, traumatic illnesses, accidents, family disruption, drug addictions and the like, can become bonded with the past painful events and replay them for attention or pity.

The more we tell others about our wounds and our suffering, the more we create an atmosphere of pity for ourselves.  Our creative spirit remains so connected to our memories of woundedness that it cannot be about the business of transforming and manifesting.  A feeling of being unworthy of receiving all that one desires is the result.  Very often the tale of these woes is told in the first few moments with a sort of urgency for the listener to know how horrible the wounding was and still is.  After a while the ego uses this energy as a power play in individual and group situations that encourage discussion of one’s struggle to survive the wounding.  This can keep individuals from advancing spiritually and one reinforce the image of themselves as unfortunate.

The tendency to bond with the wounds of our lives reminds us of how unworthy we are of receiving anything that we really would like because  we remain in a state of suffering.  The more these painful stories are recalled and repeated, the more the person is guaranteed of not attracting his or her desires, thus, you biography becomes your biology.  therefore your biology becomes your lack o spiritual fulfillment.

When you go backward and continuously relive your pain, including describing it in most introductions and labeling yourself (abandonment), you do not do so for strength.  You do it because of your inner experience of bitterness.  The way out of bonding to your wounds is through forgiveness.  Forgiveness is the most powerful thing that you can do for your physiology and your spirituality, and it remains one of the least attractive things to us, largely because your egos rule so unequivocally.  Forgiveness means that you fill yourself with love and you radiate that love outward and refuse to hang only the venom or hatred that was engendered by the behaviors that cause the wounds.  Forgiveness is a spiritual act of love for yourself and it sends a message to everyone, including yourself, that you are an object of love and that that is what you are going to impart.

Feeling worthy is essential to being able to attract to yourself what you desire.  It is simply a matter of common sense.