Options Open

In a moment of weakness I sat upon the cold wet tile

A steamy shower pouring overhead onto a body who’s heart now vanquished any possible smile

Exhausted with doubt I clutched to thoughts I could feign

I had no where to turn and no one to trust, did I seek for them in vain?

Lost in this haze I longed to escape

So sick of this feeling so tired of this fate

I somehow revived myself through the pain and the night

I set out again, thoughts changing, now embracing a vision that restored this sight

It’s when you rise again no matter what’s the hitch, a light still burns deep… though faint, in its niche

If you call upon a source within

No matter how small, no matter how dim

You change your world and in it you find

That a light inside you once dim can now again shine

Some answers come slowly, and some answers given time

May put to rest a once restless mind