Because you have watched and done nothing

There is a pandemic

One of ignorance and one of cowardice

How many times will it take?

Before the mob pushes you to the precipice?

The fight for freedom in your name’s sake?

You cannot lead successfully

That of which you hate

They resort by controlling the narrative

For those they would subjugate

If you indulge in threats of violence

You incite hatred and you incite fear

Only consumed by the impoverished minds

A failed academic and failed moral education that is clear

So if you stand by and watch

Say nothing to reject the fiction

A different reality is created

Around a falsely presented affliction

What is left after the submission?

A misplaced trust has taken place

Because you have watched and done nothing

You’ll likely receive a boot in the face


Woke Supremacy

Woke superiority

Western culture in decay

If you hate your country so much

Than why indeed do you stay?

You give up on any argument

You cannot support your views

You attack, censor, and intimidate

Subvert and control the biased news

The cult conspires around the cauldron

Shouting confections of misery and hate

Swearing allegiance to a philosophy

That cannot win any logical debate

The woke supremacy you tout

Avoids the predicates you create

In the court of public opinion

You capitalize on feelings, manipulate and conflate

You might ensnare the weak-minded

Rest assured of what you berate

The irony of the absurdity you follow

Is seeded in your fate


If the man in office

DemocRATS are morally bankrupt

To feign virtue is to stay in control

To prey upon the weak minded

Only division is what they extoll

There is no unifying doctrine

Only an anti-American creed

The culture war now upon us

To incite hatred is to mislead

To rule by ignorance

To rule by deception and greed

To shut down any dissent

Cancel culture is what you need

You must revise a new historical foundation

Tear down a venerated past

Create a false image to exploit

A problem-reaction-solution-forecast

A wall now around the capitol

But to a border-less country they will flee

The tsunami of migrants will travel

Change the demographic overnight and see

Change the voter laws before an election

Circumvent the legislature, continue the endless count

No restrictions and no accountability

In ballot failures and chaos we will mount

If the man in office

Is compromised by the CCP

He would sell out our country

The globalists would agree


However you Calculate

What is sloth?

What is feckless?

Not Wei Wu Wei

As only this idea is not reckless

Knowing a behavior is wrong

Yet you still ignore it and do

Does not cancel the idea

That you know is true

Maybe it is the fear

That prevents you from proper action

Maybe it is habit

That spurs on this protraction

However you calculate

However you sum

You’ll probably not change

Until you’ve begun


The Travesty of a Generation

So you think you know about the world

Espousing something you read from a book

Something that a liberal arts professor said

But did you research it yourself and take a good look?

So if you’re going to make an argument

You better learn how to make your case

Only the rules of logic

Is what you must embrace

Do not trust the sophist

Nor the emotionally manipulated mind

Not the religious scientism cult

These are all of an ignorant kind

I have pity for the indoctrinated youth

I have contempt for federalized education

A travesty of an ignorant populace

The travesty of a generation


Sedition from Bondage

The key of captivity

Lies in the ability of the mind

Break the cycle of learned helplessness

Your freedom you will find

The fundamentals of illusion

Breed attachment and pain

When trapped in the problem

The solution we search for is in vain

Become the escape artist

Study the trap you are in

Visualize the possibilities

Become the Houdini and begin

The levels and degrees of servitude

We levy or subjugate

We mold our reality

Much of what we create

What is the sound of one hand clapping?

Teacher enticing student to see

Constructs in our minds

Can also be just folly

The statement below is false

The statement above is true

A liars paradox

Another Waterloo

The duck or the rabbit?

Wittgenstein would ask

Which will give way?

Which one will last?

The Zen koan, the Greek paradox, and Wittgenstein

All demonstrate a vantage point to see

Problems of human reasoning

All contingent on how we will be


We Acquiesce




We acquiesce

What happened to virtue?

What happened to the rule of law?

When you put a camera in front of the wolves

They will tend to grandstand using their claws

Appeal to the court of public opinion

The filter of ignorance permeates the view

We kid ourselves into thinking

What is truth is what we construe

The second we emotionalize the argument

The second the logical fallacy comes true

The agenda we advocate

Is the agenda we pursue

Before you make up your mind

Consider the sources you vett

Are they an ideologue?

Are they a threat?

Reserve any judgment

Look deep within

Apply the ethic to yourself

When do you begin?


Your Bona Fides should Represent

We may find out as children

When parents can lead us astray

They tell us how the world works

Until we find out the error of their ways

I am told many things about the world

With little evidence, faulty reasoning and bias not far behind

Despite ignorance and poor role modeling

We must still search for a truth that we can find

We are an agency in the population

There are many challenges we meet with resistance

Our own accounting

Our own insistence

If you speak out and criticize

Your bona fides should represent

Something to backup your claims

Something to ground your intent

Too many times we are not cogent

Not in thought, not in mind

Often we may say things

But oh so maligned


WikiPsalm #Fifteen

In arrogance I am aroused by my feelings

I strongly submit my way is best

I demonstrate this devotion

And so I manifest

I stand on the right side of history

I stand correct in my assessment

But what the impetuous youth declares

Won’t clear the stage for the average adolescent

Being young won’t give you wisdom

Without time, without test

The highest matters

Should not be decided and put to rest

WikiPsalm #Fifteen


The Ripple Effect

Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless.

-Mother Teresa-

I thought about how I would be remembered when I pass from this life. How my family would remember me, and how my friends would remember me.

I was watching a podcast on actor Andrew McCarthy, as he was discussing his new book “The Longest Way Home- One Man’s Quest for the Courage to Settle Down”. He spoke about his personality, and how he came to be a writer. Intrigued I purchased and read the book. He talked about his travels and how he seems to feel more comfortable in his skin the farther he is away from his home. He said that when he travels, the destination is really not about where he is going, but rather traveling allows him to simultaneously find a destination within himself that is brought out from the traveling. It is not so much where the destination is, but rather what the destination does to him inside that counts. I was surprised to find that after listening to him, we seem to share similar approaches in dealing with the world. He was speaking about some of the issues with intimacy he has struggled with in his life. A quest I have sought in the time of my continuance on this earth.

I think that at times the further I was out of my comfort zone in life, the more I was able to allow an uninhibited experience and project a truer form of my self, without the subterfuge the ego often interposes. The meanings that we come to understand this world; however beautiful and lovely, or however cruel and unkind the world may be is ultimately a decision that is up to us. Long ago I came to conclude and deduce that on some levels we are ultimately alone in the universe, and that it is up to our own reckoning of our experience on how we should act and live our lives. To some degree I still believe this, but as I age and the more I study, I see other degrees of understanding that just might complicate this premise. Of course it all depends on the information you immerse yourself in, but I will usually derive the foundation of my education in a “common sense” basis, ergo using pragmatic approaches to the world as cited by the likes of John Dewey, or Confucius. Ruefully others who approach the world without any intelligence and understanding using the aforementioned premise: are destined to shape attitudes from others around them unleashing their unapologetic and narcissistic egos on the world.

Sadly yet understandably many of us become cynical, embittered, and even hostile to the ignorance and aggressive acts that others impose upon us who happen to share our collective environment. The manifestations of our behavior may touch many people that we truly do not fully appreciate the length and breadth of this reach. We cannot of course be accountable for every nuance of our behavior that impacts others due to the interpretation and judgments of others sensibilities, but the principle of the premise argued here supports that we should be held accountable for our behavior in the world. Those that do not comprehend the scale of this notion are unaware, thoughtless, or in worst case scenarios: apathetic, and care nothing about their impact on others. I fear that these individuals have truly lost their way, and as Leo Buscaglia postulates the opposite of love is apathy and not hate as many may believe. Lacking any feeling about our way in the world, how we affect others, how we go about our business within our social provinces is probably the defining element that ails our society at large.

When Mother Teresa was asked if she needed help with money or fund-raising in a town she was visiting to see the opening of a shelter, she replied, no thanks, that there was nothing anyone could do for her since her cause was not about money, or publicity. When asked again if they could somehow do something to help, she replied….”If you really want to do something, wake up at 4am and go out on the streets and find someone living there that believes they are alone, and convince them they are not!”

I sometimes struggle to find an association with others that I greatly care about. I may have disappointment, or I have not understood them for either a lack of my comprehension, or for choices they have ultimately made without consideration of their loved ones. I too have shown an apathetic eye, (something I am not proud of), toward segments in the life I have known. I have tried to reconcile this to the best of my abilities by building better coping strategies, educating, and reinforcing my existing strengths. My combative blueprint for this disease of the soul provided me with an awareness that I have personally undertaken to qualm any exhibits within my behavior. The Me mentality seems to be a major contributor to the problem and once again sources back to the creation of ego.

I still find myself in dissension and often have issues with others that lack a citizenship our culture truly needs. My perceptions and observation usually give me a dose of cognitive dissonance when I leave my home and meet the world every day. I ask myself why do I let others impede my happiness? Why do I consider such circumstances, and why is my mind so prone to think about such pestiferous subjects? Am I arrogant in thinking that I do not take part in such behaviors that I find myself criticizing? I know I cannot expect the world to change its present course, but I can change my ability to cope with it. I can find the fortitude to compel myself to change my beliefs about those that I struggle to find peace with. I think I must have been disposed to finding such events by the way my mind works. It is a curse to me at times as I pontificate the matter at hand.

Finding my salvation lies within the power of my creation. I remember some years back as I progressed through higher levels of managerial positions; I took a battery of expensive psychological exams testing various attributes of my personality for my employer. Out of that experience I scored in the top 10 percentile of my company, and was told in my results evaluation that “I care for people!” Oddly I sometimes think this is a burden on me to this day, due to the amount of time I spend on how others feel, think, and rightly so since the current dominant mindset is to think only about one’s own best interests, or for that matter the company’s interests: the company’s should supersede the individuals. They may intend to do the right things, but often they politicize the handling of the communications to the employee’s, and the overall practice by the leadership through-out many companies do not show the values they subscribe.
The core values I have adopted contradict the thinking that we should infringe upon others, and I cannot find myself to render it with any credibility. I for one believe we have a moral obligation to one another. What those obligations are can be and are debated by many, but in my conviction, I have a long road ahead of me before I can find a resolution to this position.

How we are remembered is telling of how we led our lives, how we influenced and effected others, and how many people would miss us on our departure. I hope to be remembered in good light with my family and friends. I hope they do not remember me for my nutty verbalization about like dialogs, but more for that of the essence in my character. The ripples we create often cross great distances and have profound effects on those at times we least suspect. The ripples we create can and do have an impact on some of our closest unsuspecting family members, friends, and acquaintances. In the process of discovering my peeves to ignorance, I too send my ripples out to the world….One page at a time!