Thought for the Day

“Live Purposefully, not for the consequences”
“Do what your heart tells you – life is not about being better than somebody”
“True Nobility is being-better then you used to be”!
“Cultivate your own garden”!

Enthusiasm: Enthios (GRK) (The God Within)
Be Authentic / Enthusiastic
We Produce Results:
Judgments we decide if it is success or failure on results
What do I do with these results?
Inner Directed – – Welcome the unknown


There have been times in my life when I have felt that things were not quite going the way I had anticipated. That is to say, my expectations were different from the results that I had encountered. Errors in my judgment, in my interpretation, my perception, along with the plethora of unknown attributes this world can manifest were all agents that sometimes disrupt your expected outcomes. Some we can control, and some we cannot.
My thoughts goes back to times in my life when I remember those occasions of making a conscious decision to break away from my primary impulse. I remember having experiences when I have been disappointed, and without really letting these events completely affect me in a negative way, I consciously did not allow myself from letting it get me down, and made a leap of faith, “willing” myself into a different mind set.
I do not know where this inspiration came from, but I am indebted to the universe for allowing me to make this connection. Freeing up unneeded emotional angst, and re-directing that energy into a positive imperative was a skill that I have not utilized enough in my life. It’s funny how we don’t make these “connections” from time to time in our lives. It’s funny how we seem to befriend the worst aspects of our human frailties when we cope with such events. We sometimes have a difficult time in dealing with such matters closest to the heart. Be it that our cognitions are diffused with our emotional endeavors, we often get lost in the muck of our soul’s desires.
I believe we can learn this skill, and that we can employ it in our lives to create a better existence.
I guess that’s why I have an affinity with Buddhism. A paradigm that has always attracted me in relation to their doctrines of “attachment”.

“According to the Buddhist point of view, non-attachment is exactly the opposite of separation. You need two things in order to have attachment: the thing you’re attaching to, and the person who’s attaching. In non-attachment, on the other hand, there’s unity. There’s unity because there’s nothing to attach to. If you have unified with the whole universe, there’s nothing outside of you, so the notion of attachment becomes absurd. Who will attach to what?”

Because we think we have intrinsic existence within our skin, and what’s outside our skin is “everything else,” that we go through life grabbing for one thing after another to make us feel safe, or to make us happy.

The Buddha taught that this craving grows from ignorance of the self. Because we see ourselves as something separate from everything else, we go through life grabbing one thing after another to ease our stress. We attach not only to physical things, but also to ideas and opinions about ourselves and the world around us. But physical things can be lost, and we get frustrated when the world doesn’t conform to our ideas and opinions.

What’s interesting to me is that experienced a level of happiness from the result of making those decisions to enter into a newer “experiential frontier”, one that took me out of my current disconcerting situation, and enter another with far better realizations. The phenomena of this transition was the process of detaching from the external and connecting to the internal source for my bearings; my true compass.