The Argument is Hollow

The Argument is hollow

Fallacious reasoning at its best

Very simple to deconstruct

If you know how to put it to test

Each point that is asserted

Make logically conflated assumptions

Attempting to show hypocrisy

But sounds more like a grade school boy’s logic malfunction

Case in point

To say “my body, my choice” is completely absurd

Have you considered when life begins?

And if you have, when does the child have a word?

When adults argue like children

Using feeling as a way to attack

Better off to stay in your echo chamber

If you don’t want the negative feedback

Having a valid argument

Must be determined by moral common sense

And understanding the issue raised

From each side of the fence


The Balance of our Temperament

Be honest with your feelings

You must decide how to engage

Use reason with emotion

Don’t act as if all the world is a stage

If you are not authentic

You hide the truth and thus deceive

The worst is not in deceiving others

But rather it is when you deceive yourself I believe

One can argue

They are both forms of the same deceit

In any case one must have a moral compass

For one to take a receipt

Be true to the heart

It is best to feel deeply

That is to say

You will embrace your values completely

To be authentic

Is to be free

Escape from a double standard

Escape from hypocrisy

If you are ever wrong

Your logic and reason are put to test

No matter how strong the feeling was

Your course will change to settle the unrest

There is no contradiction

Be true to heart and feeling – let your conscience be your guide

One to balance the other

So that the truth should never hide

I have been hurt deeply

My heart left open to enjoy

But feelings aren’t always mutual

And so the story of a heart used as a toy

Yet I would do it again

Given lessons that I have learned

The balance of our temperament

Is now what is yearned




If you are Caught in an Argument

I have principles

I have dignity

I’m asked to question myself

In this PC society

When cult and culture

Combine and collide

Repeating a mantra

Won’t help the divide

If you are caught in an argument

You don’t fully understand

You may as well toss up a coin

To see how it will land

We must decide

What we entertain?

How we will cope?

In the public domain


Courtesy of the CCP

Courtesy of the CCP

20,40,60,80 million or more

Dead people under Mao

Befallen; so goes the lore

The crimes against humanity

Courtesy of the CCP

The Wuhan Coronavirus

Complements of President Xi

China’s population

1.4 Billion with a B

Nobody has any freedom

Nobody has any liberty

Hong Kong protests

They’ve once enjoyed a market economy

A British colony extradited

Again Xi threatens…”Bones ground into powder and many smashed bodies!”



The Failures of our Reasoning

Can we pass the purity test?

If we castigate?

Do we look at ourselves?

Enough to investigate?

If we do not improve our own moral fails

Why do we think our complaints will tip societal scales?

There is a war waged against our culture

The weak minded become the casualties

Those who cannot think for themselves

Are the first to submit to tyranny

The failures of our own reasoning

Are the first measure of the merciless and cruel

Those with intellect and empathy

Are the ones who are merciful

The traditional purpose of education

Relied heavily on the teachings of moral character

The progressive path we are now on

A dystopian youth will be the inheritor


The Vendors of Vice

When journalism and reporting become opinion

The more I see

The vendors of vice

A moral hipocracy

An internet connection

A social media voice

Endless dissemination of judgement

Largely filtered by technocrats choice

The party that is morally bankrupt

Usually throws the first stone

Only the doctrine of division

Is the only doctrine they own