And only Strive for the Ideal

Best not to give advice

Better to improve your own life

Who are we to pass judgment on others

We can barely manage to end our own strife

Sometimes I want to run away

Sometimes I want to run to you

Best to figure out what I’m running from

Than to bring it to your doorstep without any clue

We make choices

Our expectations are filled with our desire

If only we can catch a break?

If only we can acquire?

And so I ask myself the tough questions

I know I have to be real

I must live my life

And only strive for the ideal


Newton was an Alchemist

Newton was an alchemist

Co-created calculus, Newtonian mechanics, and gravity

A renown Freemason

The core of his philosophy

Funny how science changes

Hand in hand with political views

Publish or perish

If you don’t support what you read in the news

All of the heliocentrist’s

All of the Darwinian believers attack

Those who go against what they accept

The relentless ad hominem hacks

Scientism the new religion

The climate scientists sound off

Pedaling only the data points they cherry pick

That even the sun flares and sun spots scoff

NASA and project paperclip

Not that long after Admiral Byrd

His journal of Antártica and the treaties made

What indeed have we heard?


A Figment of my Reality

Some of my fondest memories

Are of you in my dreams

A figment of my reality

Only a representation it seems

Many can live out their fantasies

Because some may eventually come true

But if you fail to take action

Most of us will never see them through

I can at least entertain

The idea of what can be

What may come to fruition

What will come to pass we shall see

Sometimes we imagine people

Better than what they truly are

Our assessment makes truth into fiction

Unintentional liars caught with our hands in the cookie jar


It’s Easier to Remain

To keep your sanity

When you are down this must be understood

In your times of troubles

You must always remember the good

It’s easier to remain

In an endless shame

Than to find your way out

Of the self-imposed blame and doubt

Our apathy at heart

Is where we must start

Indignant to no longer stand

For a change to take place we must demand

Conservation of energy

Sink or swim

We must allow for an alternative

Maybe we can float on the whim


I majored in Geology

I majored in geology

But now I can only teach

I repeat many of the talking points

From highly politicized speech

I sound off on social media

Never with intent for a healthy debate

I hear the deliberations from my echo chamber

Most in favor of what I state

I presume I am smart and woke

So I espouse in political rabble

They say my logic is shaky at best

And most of my claims are just babble

Is it that I complain?

At least that is what my opponents believe

What would make them say this?

What about my argument makes them grieve?

Am I doing the right thing?

Expressing my views with an animus of hate?

Safely imbedded and shouting from within the mob

And this is how you translate!-