Esoteric Topics

Conspiracies with mounting physical, scientific, archeological, and historical evidence to support claims not shared by mass media corporate owned news journalists sources.


Inside job with a massive cover-up and destruction of evidence, collusion, conspiracy, murder, treason.
World Trade Center Complex (building one, two, and seven), The Pentagon, All Flights involved, All ignored evidence from insider help, family connections,
False flag terrorism hoaxes to steal the freedoms and liberties.  Reasons of the status quo – NWO themes

World Banking Cabal

Federal Reserve

Central Banking Practices

Rothschild, Warburg, JP Morgan, Rockefeller

Monetary and Market systems controlling government and policy

— see Banking Cabal Runs the World —

Ancient Alien Theory

Problems with Darwinism and the theory of evolution (macro)

Moon / Mars / ISS Anomalies

Massive amounts of evidence to support false “faked” moon landings
New Photographs, and video evidence has direct evidence

Nasa Nazi’s and the CIA

Military Industrial Complex

International Space Station – faked communications similar to Apollo Missions
See project paper clip



Weather control, Climate changes from Stratospheric Aerosol injections of heavy metals -plus other aerosols

FEMA Origins and Purpose

FEMA Camps and Homeland Security

Border-less Society objective = Debt enslavement for society

Agenda 21 / Codex Alimentarius

Global Conspiracy for Depopulation

Georgia guidestones

Pyramids and Sphinx

Pyramids/Sphinx connections (not built by Dynastic Egyptians)
Connection to pyramids across the globe, possible construction for the reason to survive cataclysmic events (every 26000 years – Mayan calendar, polar shift, Mantle Shift, ancient technologies

True Age of Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx
exact precision that cannot be replicated to this day!

A forgotten human prehistory

Human’s have existed for a far greater time than commonly thought – ancient past and epoch that has been forgotten (Atlantean myths) – Antediluvian civilizations – Graham Hancock

Globalists NWO

Zeitgeist conclusions about – monetary/market systems – world banker control and multinational corporation corruption: new Fascism and global debt slaves

Assignations of JFK, Robert Kennedy, JFK JR., Martin Luther King JR.,  Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinnley, attempts at Andrew Jackson, Ronald Regan

MK – Ultra

Mind Control

lei-lines – Electromagnetism

earth grid magnetism anomalies – ties to ancient earth megalithic structures (pyramids) -vortex energies at sacred cites – “Geomancy” – natural energy fields – Every Megalithic structure around the globe is connected by centering the north pole on top and placing a 5 stared pentagram overlaid on the earth – this will connect all structures on each point and line within the star who’s geometry and angles equal that found in the great pyramid of Giza.


The Illuminati and bloodlines (world leaders) connection to selective leadership no “elections” are held without “selected” few

Sacred symbolism

in architecture – see secrets in plain sight

Free Energy

Suppression of technologies harnessing electromagnetic forces

Problems with the theory of Gravity, aka Newtonian Mechanics vs. Electromagnetic mechanisms  or why Einstein was not entirely correct when compared to Tesla’s theories

Gravity does not work on the sub-atomic particle level, nor does it work at any quantum level, so investigate Tesla’s theories to find the missing mechanisms such as his frequency dynamic or electromagnetic resonance theories

Nicola Tesla

Problems with officially accepted theories on ….

  • Climate Change aka Global Warming
  • Evolution / Darwinism
  • 911  –  endless war, profiteering, destabilize nation states, flood Europe and USA with 3rd world country refugees to create division and help over-through current nation state sovereign  nations per globalist agenda
  • Moon Landings faked by NASA
  • “Fake-Stream Media”
  • Deep-State secret government
  • Nasa has faked much of its operations probably due to the collection of tax-payer dollars funding their agendas as well as the pentagon funding the Industrial Military Complex

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