Mother May I

Mother may I tell you

All is not lost

We grapple with life lessons

Through the summers and through the winter’s frost

Your understanding of the world

Is far away from mine

But I want to tell you

I’ve learned these things that are truly fine

From you I’ve learned about compassion

Something that is rare and distinguished

Building up moral character

In each his own is unique and I shall never relinquish

You’ve taught me about spirituality

That so many today do not share

I am now more conscious

Of a willingness for my soul to bare

Some may become deeply conflicted

Some may succumb to internal and external force

The echos in my head of you

Helps me determine what I should endorse

I may not tell you as much as I should

But I am here now to say

Mother may I tell you

I was blessed and this is what I convey


One thought on “Mother May I

  1. Beautiful. I dreamt I was hugging you and telling you everything is going to be alright last night. And it is going to be alright. đź’‹

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