We Were Once There Lest We Forget

When the tears came to my eyes

I knew something powerful overtook me

The tears were not for my sorrow’s

But for you in your time of need

The courage to forgive your past

Put behind you the blame and proceed

Refreshes your soul and cleanses you

The mind now in the present to exceed

The price we pay if we earn

The lessons in which we achieve

Are seldom given the attention

That will provide in our time of need

The strength of our conditioning

Contingent on the foundation that it is built

Is subject to tribulation

The source for much of our guilt

We bond to others when we care

We experience them as they are

We create a pathway to nurture

Trying to recalibrate to the North Star

We all need a compass

Our navigation is often upset

Be there for your friends and loved ones

We were once there lest we forget


Instead I Lead Myself into a Corner

But when the truth leaks out

And you wake from the dream

The words become different

The beliefs change in what they mean

The person you thought you knew

Were not what you thought

Leaving your eyes wide open

Leaving you in disbelief and distraught

Wanting to believe

Hoping for the best

All that we can really do

Letting time be put to test

I could have saved myself from the heartache

I could have asked for the truth

Instead I lead myself into a corner

Like in the games of our youth